Dodge McKay

four songs






















Burning Black Holes

Recorded at Sunset Sound, California, for a project with Michael Ward (School Of Fish, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals, Gogol Bordello), with Julian Raymond producing. Music by Michael, with my words and melody. The musicians involved in this recording were (I kid you not): Michael Ward: guitars, John Pierce: bass, Joey Shuffield: drums, Danny Lohner: electronics, Patrick Warren: keyboards. And me.

Island Man

an early version, recorded at Michael Ward’s home studio in California. Included here mainly due to Michael’s fantastic lead guitar. Thank you Michael. A very nice chap called Chad Fischer plays the drums on this one.

If I Don't See You

Once again, recorded at Michael’s home studio. I think he already had this piece completed musically and there may even have been a different vocal originally, but I really liked the music and put new words and melody over the existing music. The voice at the end is Michael’s son, looking for marbles and a spider.


me, recorded at home, doodling in open C.