Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is the new CD by Dodge McKay. The 12 songs were recorded in what turned into 3 separate sessions at Fairview Studios in East Yorkshire in 2014, with the 1st session on September 29th ’to see how things might go’.

Things went well: recording Lower Me Down, Soldiers, This Is My Ghost and Belfast Boy; and still home in time for tea. The 2nd session took place on October 13th, recording All My Days, The Street, I Remember You, I’m Lost and Storm. Dodge then headed to Texas to play some shows, returning to Fairview on November 24th to record Island Man, Volunteers, Used To Be…and re-record This Is My Ghost and Belfast Boy.

All three sessions at Fairview were recorded, mixed and mastered by John Spence (The Mekons, Sisters of Mercy, Bill Nelson, etc,) Dodge wrote the songs: sang, played guitar, banjo and made some other noises too: there’s no one else to blame.

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